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This is a logo you will start seeing more often throughout the Portland School District.  We have started putting demo units out into the schools to see what people think about the different models, and the functionality.

The three models we are using are listed below.  

Click on their links to read more about them.

The Models of Chromebooks in our District:

We have put together a few links that we find are helpful, and may answer some questions for you about Chromebooks.

  •  Chromebook Help Center
    • This is actually provided by Google and is a great start to understanding Chromebooks and finding answers to questions. If you have questions or need help with your Chromebook, you are likely to find the answer here.
  • Google Chromebook Introduction
    • Once you have a fundamental understanding of how Chromebooks work, this is a great place to learn a bit more. Also provided by Google, this website will answer questions like:
      • What are Chromebooks and how are they different from other computers
      • How to manage and take care of Chromebooks in schools
      • How to personalize your Chromebook
      • How you can integrate technology in your classroom using Chromebooks
      • How Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education work seamlessly together
      • How teachers can find and assign apps to students
      • How to troubleshoot simple Chromebook issues, and where to find support when needed
  • 30 Ways to Use Chromebook in the Classroom
    • This is an excellent slideshow that is a ​MUST READ​, and will give you a better vision for how you can utilize Chromebooks in the classroom. There are some really great apps mentioned that you should check out!